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    Its time to send a strong conservative
    Republican to Congress.

The establishment media and the American public are finally catching up to the realities of an Obama administration: a government that is riddled by scandal and resorts to thuggery to limit freedoms and silence the voices of political opposition.

Today, with the IRS targeting Tea Party groups, the government spying on journalists to prevent them from reporting the truth, and Obama’s officials regularly lying about the deaths of Americans in Benghazi, the Obama government continues to betray our trust.

It’s time to fight back. Its time to send a strong conservative Republican to Congress. It’s Hillyer time.

I will bring Alabama values to where they’re needed most: Washington.

Government Spending

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It’s no secret: government spending is out of control, and the debt being levied on the American people by the Obama administration’s reckless spending habits is both immoral and damaging to our country’s long term economic health.

With a national debt exceeding $16 trillion, spending is the problem – even though President Obama wants us to believe that increasing taxes will solve the problem. I know that the only way to stop government spending is to cut it off at the source: your hard-earned money. That’s why I’ve signed the Taxpayer Reform Pledge to “oppose any and all efforts to increase the marginal income tax rates for individuals and/or businesses.”

I also know that to escape our current national debt, Congress must focus primarily on economic growth. Back in 2011, I wrote, “Arithmetically, there is no way within reason to handle this nation’s debt and future unfunded liabilities without powerful and long-lasting growth, which both boosts revenues and reduces the number of people needing government aid.”

As your member in Congress, I’m committed to cutting spending, preventing tax increases and promoting economic growth. I worked on the House Appropriations Committee during its two most productive years, when we actually cut $50 billion from existing spending to achieve the first balanced budget in 30 years.


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I have been outspoken in my opposition to ObamaCare, which I publicly and regularly refer to as an unconstitutional and illegitimate law. I also know how it became law, as I wrote in July of 2012 when the Supreme Court inexplicably upheld this government takeover of healthcare:

“In sum, then, this most sweeping of economic legislation ever passed by Congress has survived every step of the process by trickery, dishonesty, or breathtaking sophistry, while being defibrillated back into a heartbeat several times only with the aid of hack science and dark arts worthy of an illicit union between Dr. Frankenstein and a skilled necromancer.”

I went on to write that Obamacare “must be decapitated” with a full repeal. As your member of Congress, I will continue to advocate for a full repeal of this horrible piece of legislation that not only is unpopular with the public, but also will lead to catastrophic economic and practical consequences to our health care infrastructure and the country as a whole.


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I am an unapologetic pro-life conservative.

I am appalled by the Obama administration, which way back in 2009 I identified as "the most radically anti-life administration in American history. It tramples over every moral qualm of the pro-life community by forcing taxpayer funding of various abortion-related services here and abroad, weakening (and threatening to eliminate) the right of conscience of those who do not want to aid abortions, [and] making [faith-based] hospitals fear they might need to close down rather than abet what they consider to be mortal sins."

I am mindful, however, of how frightened some women can be when they confront an unexpected pregnancy. These women need the reassurance of a caring community supporting them. Public policy and private charity ought to promote better options for pre-natal care, while a culture of adoption should replace today's culture of abortion.

The Lord teaches us compassion, and that same compassion -- for the mother as well as for the unborn child with an absolute right to life -- should ever be our watchword.

Second Amendment

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I am a vocal advocate for the Second Amendment rights of Alabamans and Americans everywhere. Simply put, our Founding Fathers guaranteed us the right to bear arms in our founding document and, as such, that right should not be trampled on by the government.

Against the Obama administration's longstanding record of disregarding the Constitution and its open hostility to gun rights, it is critical that the people of Alabama elect a member of Congress who will uphold all of their Constitutional rights, including the Second Amendment. I have a record of standing up for the right to bear arms, including in this column in which I praised the Supreme Court for its 2008 pro-gun decision in which I wrote that "the high court majority properly erected a safety lock against unseemly judicial meddling."

But I equally have warned against government arming itself too much against the citizens, as in this column where I warned of armed "Ninja bureaucrats on the loose" not just in ordinary law-enforcement agencies where guns belong, like the FBI or federal marshalls, but also at the Environmental Protection Agency, the Department of Labor, and even the Small Business Administration.

Arms are for hunting or self-defense, not for government workers on power trips.

Hurricane Insurance

Residents of the coastal region of Alabama, as in other coastal states, have been hit with prohibitive home-insurance costs, or denied insurance altogether, because of the threat of hurricane damage. To solve the problem, a group of dedicated citizens has formed a multi-state Homeowners’ Hurricane Insurance Initiative http://www.hhii.us/. HHII proposes to separate coverage for the catastrophic costs of named storms from “regular” home insurance, and to eliminate or substantially reduce costs paid to international re-insurers, via creation of a special-insurance “coastal band” covering every coastal region in the country. The idea holds tremendous promise, and I endorse their efforts – with one amendment.

HHII proposes to set up a single non-profit entity to handle coastal-band hurricane insurance. I propose a system whereby an original non-profit could set the “standard” coverage, but in which private companies also could compete for the hurricane-insurance business. One rough model, for comparison’s sake, of how this could work would be the free-market aspects of the Medicare Part D prescription drug program, which has held monthly premiums a full 33 percent below original estimates by allowing dozens of companies to participate. Free-market forces, combined with a “re-set” of counterproductive federal and state regulations and with this new “coastal band” approach, could save southern Alabama homeowners from having their homes be as much at risk from insurance costs as from the storms the insurance is supposed to cover.

Fair Tax

I was the first candidate in this race to sign the "Taxpayer Protection Pledge" against income-tax rate increases, and I have a 34-year public record of never, not even once, supporting a federal tax increase -- and of always supporting successful federal tax cuts like those pushed by Ronald Reagan, Jack Kemp, the Republican Congress of the 1990s, and George W. Bush.I will support almost any bill that makes the tax system simpler and flatter, with lower rates that spur creation of jobs nationwide.

Among the options is the so-called "Fair Tax," which completely eliminates all income taxes and all payroll taxes and provides a consistent tax rebate for every American, while completely abolishing the Internal Revenue Service, in favor of a single, simple, national tax on retail sales. I have signed the "Fair Tax Pledge" to co-sponsor the primary Fair Tax bill in Congress. We absolutely must eliminate tax burdens and complexity in order to re-invigorate the natural American talent for entrepreneurship and massive job creation.

Support for Israel

Israel is a light among the nations. The United States of America is duty-bound to nurture our alliance with it, and to defend its existential interests.

In those two sentences reside the essence and the imperatives of U.S.-Israeli relations. They leave little else to say. Every American policy choice in the Middle East should be consonant with, and informed by, the substance of those two sentences.

This does not come close to meaning that American Policy in the region should be dictated by Israel. It does mean, however, and quite emphatically, that the United States should not dictate to Israel on matters of diplomacy and security where the safety and freedom of Israel's poeple are involved.

To read the entirety of the white paper on U.S.-Israeli Relations, please click here.

Personal Reforms

Reformist Conservative Pledge

As a real conservative reformer, I want the people of Alabama to hold me accountable. To that end, I have made the following pledges:

One, If elected to Congress, I pledge to serve just five full terms of two years each. I do not plan on making Washington my entire future. I want to go to Washington, make a difference for Alabama and my country, and then be on my way. I have no desire to become a career politician. *

Two, on a related note, upon retirement from Congress, I pledge never to work for one single day or for one single dollar as a paid lobbyist. Lobbying can be an honorable profession, and is protected by the First Amendment. But this pledge is important for someone who is self-term-limiting. You deserve to know my votes in Congress will not be cast in hopes of making more money a couple years later.

Three, I do not see Congress as a stepping stone. I pledge to never run for Alabama Governor, not in 2014, not in 2018, not ever. My sole focus will be on being the best member of the House – the “people’s House” – that I can be. Period.

Four, The Quin Hillyer for Congress campaign will be a clean one. We will not run a negative ad on radio, TV or print against any particular competitor. You deserve a constructive campaign on the issues and that’s what I pledge you will get from my campaign.

*I have articulated one exception to this rule. If I were in a position to serve as Chairman of the Ways and Means Committee, Chairman of the Appropriations Committee, Majority Leader, or Speaker of the House, it would be devastating for my district to not take such a position. I would then serve no more than an extra three terms, for 16 years total. But other than one of these specific situations, I would serve no more than five terms.

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